What to Expect

What to expect at Las Cruces Women's Health Organization abortion clinic in Las Cruces New Mexico

What to expect upon arrival

Be Patient

Because it takes time to give every woman individual attention before, during, and after the abortion, plan to be at the center a couple of hours, depending on your length of pregnancy, medical history, and choice of medication. We are primarily concerned with all patients’ well-being and we’re sure you would agree that should not be jeopardized to save time.


You will be warmly greeted by a receptionist who will ask you to complete some admissions and medical history forms. To save time print, complete and bring with you the PATIENT FORMS.

A non-refundable $150 fee will be collected up front for your office visit. Any remaining fees will be collected in the full amount when you scheduled your procedure.


All patients will receive an ultrasound or sonogram to determine the length of pregnancy. Sometimes a slim vaginal wand is inserted into the patient’s vagina to visualize the pregnancy. Sometimes a probe is simply placed on the patient’s belly to measure the pregnancy. Your technician may do one or both and will decide at the time of the ultrasound based on what can be seen on the screen which should be used.

Patient Education

You will receive informational counseling in person with a medical doctor. The information you will receive is supportive and educational in nature.

This information supplements medical care to give women the necessary information to make informed decisions.

After counseling, a staff member will discuss your situation and medical history.

The counselors give frank information about the abortion process itself, including interpretation of medical terminology. All risks are explained and an informed consent is signed. Options available to the patient are discussed.


Eligibility for abortion procedures is up to the physician performing the abortion. Patients traveling great distances should have their pregnancy confirmed by a pregnancy test before making the appointment. Any information concerning the pregnancy should be brought to the clinic.

We use our physician’s pelvic exam, the date of the patient’s last normal menstrual period (LMP), and a sonogram to confirm eligibility.

Be aware of Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs) and steer clear of them.


~ patient comments ~

Less stressful - patient comment at Las Cruces Women's Health abortion clinic

Less Stressful

I was extremely impressed with the staff, doctors, and the overall cleanliness of the facility! The whole experience was less stressful than expected.” – Google review

Portrait of Women

Amazing staff!

They were all extremely professional, personable, and kept me calm through the entire process. It’s very clean and comfortable place.” – former patient

No judgment - patient comment at Las Cruces Women's Health abortion clinic

No Judgment

Great place. Genuinely care about women. Safe environment. No judgment. Kind staff. Variety of health services. Reliable health care the way it should be!” – Google review

Portrait of Women

Nice clean office

Staff and doctors made me feel very comfortable. I’ve been to other offices in the area, this one is the best by far!!!” – former patient

right to make a choice patient comment at Las Cruces Women's Health abortion clinic

Right to make a choice

People should have the right to make a choice. Thank y’all for all you do.” – Google review

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